Web3's Lottery Platform Rattle Joins Sparkle AI

Web3's Lottery Platform Rattle Joins Sparkle AI

Rattle is a DApps that allows you to hold a lottery on the blockchain. The author of this entry, Onishi, conceived the idea around 2018 as a side project and developed and launched it in 2022.

Sparkle AI has now taken over the "Rattle" web3drawing platform and is now ready to commercialize it. In this entry, we would like to introduce the role and concept of Rattle and our enthusiasm for the spread of Web3.

Introduction to Rattle

Rattle is a DApps (decentralized application) that can hold a lottery on the blockchain.

It was developed by me, the Founder, as a side project in 2022 and beta-launched at the end of 2022 with members of the developer community I host.

We have had around 5,500 users register (wallet linking) with 180 campaigns held so far, mainly on KudasaiJP, one of the largest virtual currency communities in Japan.

Lottery sales are sometimes held for popular sneakers and platinum tickets. Because of the popularity of these items, there are many applicants, and it is difficult to win the lottery. However, if you are repeatedly unsuccessful, you may start to wonder, "Is the lottery really being conducted fairly?" If you are repeatedly unsuccessful, however, you may have doubts about whether the lottery is really being conducted fairly.

Rattle solves this problem.

The blockchain records and discloses the lottery program and all actions taken by entrants to participate in the lottery, making it possible to conduct a strict, fair, and transparent lottery.

Making Campaigns More Fun

Every day, campaigns are held to promote sales, branding, and other marketing activities.

Strict rules eliminate the "cheating" that can sway the concept of a campaign, making the campaign fun and more engaging.

Rattle will implement Web3 as the interface between the company or community and the general public in a "raffle campaign," and will make it more convenient while demonstrating the values of rigor, fairness, transparency, and programmability that only Web3 can offer, thereby increasing the number of people who are new to Web3 and contributing to its popularization. We hope to increase the number of newcomers to Web3 and contribute to its popularization by making it more convenient.

Toward the Popularization of Web3

Nevertheless, there are still some barriers to the popularization of Web3 applications.

In particular, Web3 interfaces across the Internet and the blockchain world, so users need to link their DApps and wallets. This UX of Web3 is quite difficult for beginners and is an issue that hinders general adoption.

In addition, Web3, being decentralized, is a strict protocol-driven world where the data written in the blockchain is the truth, so even if a user makes a mistake, such as sending money to the wrong address, it cannot be ruled out.

Rattle, as a player in the application layer, would like to solve such problems by applying the know-how we have cultivated in Web2, such as UX design.

In order for Web3 applications to have value, it is essential that they respect Web3 concepts and protocols, such as transparency, decentralization, and programmability, and that they grow together with the user community. The process is essential.

By joining Sparkle AI, we hope to solidify our business foundation in terms of technology development and community relations, and operate our business with the goal of becoming the most accessible DApps.

Please look forward to the future of Rattle!