Endowed Chair for Blockchain Innovation, the University of Tokyo

Hello everyone. I am Yuta Watanabe, CEO of Sparkle AI. Today, we are proud to announce our participation in the "Endowed Chair for Blockchain Innovation, the University of Tokyo" organized by the University of Tokyo. We are honored to contribute to the education and dissemination of blockchain technology through cooperation with the University of Tokyo.

Endowed Chair for Blockchain Innovation, the University of Tokyo

Sparkle AI's Initiatives in Blockchain

Since its establishment in June 2023, Sparkle AI has been engaged in research and development related to advanced technologies such as AI and blockchain. In the blockchain field, we have been working on the development and operation of the on-chain lottery platform "Rattle".

"Rattle" was officially adopted for the lottery at Asia's largest Web3 conference "WebX" held in July 2023. Recently, we participated in the Blast dApp development competition "Blast Big Bang," receiving over 70,000 entries on the testnet, indicating its growing popularity among Japanese users.

We will continue to take on various challenges to make "Rattle" a product used not only in Japan but also in global markets.

Our Goals with the Endowed Chair for Blockchain Innovation

"Endowed Chair for Blockchain Innovation, the University of Tokyo"  aims to educate and popularize blockchain technology. It is a public course designed to deepen understanding and promote the implementation of blockchain technology in society, responding to its rapid evolution.

Through this activity, we want to open the door to those new to Web3 and contribute to the development of talent for Web3 business and service development, as well as increase the population of Web3 professionals. We will participate in creating course materials, cooperating with management, and supervising content based on the know-how cultivated through the development and operation of "Rattle."

The public course is targeted at everyone interested in blockchain technology. It aims to equip participants with practical skills, from basic knowledge to advanced technologies and actual application development. We invite you to take this opportunity to dive into the world of Web3. We look forward to your participation.

For an outline of the public course and preliminary applications, please click here.

  • We are accepting preliminary applications.
  • Even if you are unsure whether you can participate, we encourage you to apply if you are interested.
  • Details on the schedule and timing will be announced later.